January in 2009, in the last year of the zero era, I left Fuji TV Network Inc. and established Yoshida Masaki Inc. with the team focusing on the future.
With the hot passion to seek form of adequate culture for the 21st century, we have been involved in a way of media, creation of new contents.

Now, terrestrial broadcast programing, but also challenging experiences in various genres such as lectures at companies, lectures and advisory at universities, producing Internet contents, management of new kinds of creators in those places, are now 4 pillars of media consulting business, content production business, promotion business and education business.

There is a thought that the philosophy of our basis of activities is always “be alternative”.

In a recent intense change of conventional media and Internet/SNS, I would like to supply contents optimized for each platform, and continue developing first class creatives with essential quality in the cutting edge of era combining a big power of mass media and stimulus of subcultures.

January, 2016 Masaki Yoshida